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The main section of locators here also includes fuel, rest areas, service centers, truck stops and much more. It all stems from my own travels and frustrations with finding stuff on the road.

Indie Truck Stops
CAT Scales
AM Best
Flying J Travel Plazas
Thermo King
Loves Travel Stops
Utility Dealers
Pacific Pride Commercial
Truck Dealers
Petro Center
Truck Wash
Pilot Travel Centers
Tank Wash
TA Travel Centers
Weigh Station Scales
Low Clearances
Steep Road Grades

Featured Apps

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Truck and Travel
The #1 selling and #1 rated mobile app for truck drivers is on all Apple devices. 100% Made in the USA, this is the only ad free, tablet ready truck stop app that is updated with driver comments. Where are the closest truck stops like Flying Js? Who has bulk DEF? TripPak pickup times? Where is the next service dealer or tank cleaning? How about a westbound Rest area or truck turnout? Where are low clearance bridges?

AllStays Hotels By Chain
Find all kinds of beds near you. Independents to chains. The only iOS app that puts you one button from the front desk. Don't let a third party corporation get in between you and your stay.


Boondocking and Travel Guides Sample

Road Guides: Gas Parking Stores
Wal-Mart Stores
Kmart Stores
Target Stores
Sam's Club Stores
Costco Stores
Meijer Stores
Camping Worlds
Cracker Barrels
Lowes Stores
Menards Stores
All Truck Stops
Rest Areas
Weigh Scales
Health Food Store Guide
...and much much more

Why List These Locations?

They do not support us and we do not endorse or support these truck stops in any way. We always encourage people to support any business they choose. Many people traveling on the road these days just rely on exit signs and don't know what else is ahead. As a frequent road warrior myself, I like to look for my favorite brands and even find two close to each other for lower competitive pricing. As for overnight parking, many locations do NOT allow over night stays in parking lots due to managers or local laws. Please call ahead to be sure if you want to do this.

Is WalMart Overnight Parking Safe?
How to Overnight at WalMart
Safe to Overnight in Rest Areas?
Overnight Parking Ideas

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